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Group Sessions

Most recommended for the 'Newbies' of the Chess world!

- Each Group consists of 6-8 kids and a dedicated Wizard (tutor) assigned to the group.

- Helps to develop healthy competition among kids at a very tender age.


- Best place to get started....

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Individual Sessions

Recommended for the 'Chess Toddlers' to learn walking and running!

- Typically suggested to those players who aspire plan to participate in International FIDE Chess Tournaments.

- A tailor-made course which is offered only on a case to case basis depending upon various factors.

- For every hour of an individual session, the kid is expected to work at least 6-8 hrs on the topic discussed.


Online Sessions

Recommended for those players who cannot be physically present for the individual sessions.

- Only Individual sessions are offered online.

- The sessions will be conducted on the Skype platform.

- Online sessions will be offered only to those players who are both older than 7 years and have basic knowledge on how to operate simply tasks on a computer!

Courses we offer

Beginner Fundamentals

Recommended for kids who want to learn the fundamentals of Chess, "The Newbies to the World of Chess"

Content - We analyze your kid and offer a tailor made syllabus to build a strong foundation for your kid.

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Intermediate Course

Recommended for players who know and are strong in the fundamentals of Chess.

Content - We teach the second level concepts and train your kid to participate in tournaments.

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Advanced Course

Recommended to those players planning to participate in FIDE rated Chess tournaments

Content - We offer personalized attention to your kid to recognize and improve on the weak areas of your kid. We also prepare your kid to not only participate in FIDE rated & other championship tournaments, but also improve your kid's candidacy to come in top 10.

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